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Magnetic interactions between metal nanostructures within porous silicon

Klemens Rumpf1*, Petra Granitzer1, Nobuyoshi Koshida2, Peter Poelt3 and Michael Reissner4

Author Affiliations

1 Institute of Physics, Karl Franzens University Graz, Universitaetsplatz 5, Graz 8010, Austria

2 Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo 184-8588, Japan

3 Institute for Electron Microscopy, University of Technology Graz, Graz 8010, Austria

4 Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8, Vienna 1040, Austria

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2014, 9:412  doi:10.1186/1556-276X-9-412

Published: 21 August 2014


Electrochemically deposited magnetic nanostructures arranged in a three-dimensional system are investigated with respect to their cross-talk between each other. The nanostructures are embedded in porous silicon templates with different morphologies which means pores offering dendritic growth of different strengths. An increase of the uniformity of the pores is concomitant with an increase of the smoothness of the metal deposits which strongly influences the magnetic behavior of the system. Less dendritic structures lead to an increase of the coercivity of the nanocomposite which reveals less cross-talk between the metal deposits due to a modification of the stray fields. The system allows in a cheap and simple way to tune the magnetic interactions of magnetic nanostructures in a three-dimensional arrangement.


81.05.Rm; 81.07.Gf; 75.75.-c

Porous silicon; Electrodeposition; Magnetic nanostructures; Magnetic interactions