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Silicon quantum dot superlattice solar cell structure including silicon nanocrystals in a photogeneration layer

Shigeru Yamada1*, Yasuyoshi Kurokawa1, Shinsuke Miyajima1 and Makoto Konagai12

Author Affiliations

1 Department of Physical Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 152-8552 Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

2 Photovoltaics Research Center (PVREC), Tokyo Institute of Technology, 152-8552 Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2014, 9:246  doi:10.1186/1556-276X-9-246

Published: 20 May 2014


The solar cell structure of n-type poly-silicon/5-nm-diameter silicon nanocrystals embedded in an amorphous silicon oxycarbide matrix (30 layers)/p-type hydrogenated amorphous silicon/Al electrode was fabricated on a quartz substrate. An open-circuit voltage and a fill factor of 518 mV and 0.51 in the solar cell were obtained, respectively. The absorption edge of the solar cell was 1.49 eV, which corresponds to the optical bandgap of the silicon nanocrystal materials, suggesting that it is possible to fabricate the solar cells with silicon nanocrystal materials, whose bandgaps are wider than that of crystalline silicon.


85.35.Be; 84.60.Jt; 78.67.Bf

Silicon nanocrystals; Silicon quantum dot; Solar cells; Quantum size effect