Figure 2.

Characterization of AuNV conjugation process. (A) The absorbance spectra of the initial peptide AuNP conjugates. The full view shows the 400- to 800-nm range, and the zoom insert shows the peaks between 510 and 545 nm. Preconjugate refers to the carboxyl-PEG-AuNPs. The NH2OH control refers to capping the active carboxyl groups on the particles with hydroxylamine. The preconjugates and NH2OH control particles had the same peak, verifying that the conjugation protocol does not alter the absorbance peak. The particles conjugated with peptides show a 2-nm red shift. (B) TEM images of a 30-nm AuNP coated with PEG and a 30-nm gp100 AuNV. The surface of the peptide-coated AuNV appears rougher and thicker (red arrow) than the PEG-coated AuNP, indicating successful conjugation (scale bar = 10 nm).

Lin et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2013 8:72   doi:10.1186/1556-276X-8-72
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