Figure 1.

FESEM, TEM, and HRTEM images, XRD and SAD patterns, Raman spectrum, and id-V measurement of V2O5 NW. (a) FESEM image, (b) XRD pattern, (c) Raman spectrum of the ensembles of V2O5 NWs grown by PVD. (d) TEM image and corresponding (e) HRTEM image and SAD pattern focused on an individual V2O5 NW. (f) Dark current versus applied bias measurement in air ambience for single V2O5 NW with d = 400 ± 50 nm and l = 7.3 μm. A typical FESEM image of the single V2O5 NW device fabricated by FIB approach is also shown in the inset of (f).

Chen et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2013 8:443   doi:10.1186/1556-276X-8-443
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