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Morphological evolution, growth mechanism, and magneto-transport properties of silver telluride one-dimensional nanostructures

GaoMin Li1, XiaoBing Tang1, ShaoMin Zhou1*, Ning Li1 and XianYou Yuan2

Author affiliations

1 Key Laboratory for Special Functional Materials of Ministry of Education, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004, People's Republic of China

2 Department of Biology and Chemistry, Hunan University of Science and Engineering, Yongzhou, Hunan 425100, People's Republic of China

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2013, 8:356  doi:10.1186/1556-276X-8-356

Published: 20 August 2013


Single crystalline one-dimensional (1D) nanostructures of silver telluride (Ag2Te) with well-controlled shapes and sizes were synthesized via the hydrothermal reduction of sodium tellurite (Na2TeO3) in a mixed solution. The morphological evolution of various 1D nanostructures was mainly determined by properly controlling the nucleation and growth process of Ag2Te in different reaction times. Based on the transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy studies, the formation mechanism for these 1D nanostructures was rationally interpreted. In addition, the current–voltage (I-V) characteristics as a function of magnetic field of the highly single crystal Ag2Te nanowires were systematically measured. From the investigation of I-V characteristics, we have observed a rapid change of the current in low magnetic field, which can be used as the magnetic field sensor. The magneto-resistance behavior of the Ag2Te nanowires with monoclinic structure was also investigated. Comparing to the bulk and thin film materials, we found that there is generally a larger change in R (T) as the sample size is reduced, which indicates that the size of the sample has a certain impact on magneto-transport properties. Simultaneously, some possible reasons resulting in the observed large positive magneto-resistance behavior are discussed.

Silver telluride; One-dimensional nanostructures; Morphological evolution; Growth mechanism; Magneto-transport properties