Table 1

Samples used in the investigations listed along with the corresponding sample codes
Description Type As-grown Annealed Annealed
(60 s at 700°C) (600 s at 700°C)
Ga0.68In0.32As p TPR TPRA TPRB
Ga0.68In0.32N0.009As0.991 TP09 TP09A TP09B
Ga0.68In0.32N0.012As0.988 TP12 TP12A TP12B
Ga0.68In0.32N0.017As0.983 TP17 TP17A TP17B
Ga0.68In0.32As n TNR TNRA TNRB
Ga0.68In0.32N0.009As0.991 TN09 TN09A TN09B
Ga0.68In0.32N0.012As0.988 TN12 TN12A TN12B
Ga0.68In0.32N0.017As0.983 TN17 TN17A TN17B

TPR, p-type N-free sample; TNR, n-type N-free sample.

Sarcan et al.

Sarcan et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2012 7:529   doi:10.1186/1556-276X-7-529

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