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Luminescence behavior of silicon and carbon nanoparticles dispersed in low-polar liquids

Yury V Ryabchikov12*, Sergei A Alekseev3, Vladimir V Lysenko1, Georges Bremond1 and Jean-Marie Bluet1

Author affiliations

1 Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon (INL), UMR-5270, CNRS, Université de Lyon, INSA de Lyon, bat. Blaise Pascal, 7 av. Jean Capelle, Bat. Blaise Pascal, Villeurbanne, F-69621, France

2 PN Lebedev Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, 53 Leninskii Prospekt, Moscow, 199991, Russia

3 Faculty of Chemistry, National Taras Shevchenko University, 64 Volodymyrska Str, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine

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Citation and License

Nanoscale Research Letters 2012, 7:365  doi:10.1186/1556-276X-7-365

Published: 2 July 2012


A comparative photoluminescence analysis of as-prepared and chemically modified (by alkyl chains -C18H37) silicon and carbon nanoparticles dispersed in low-polar liquids is reported. Influence of the low-polar liquid nature and ambient temperature on photoluminescence of the nanoparticles has been investigated from the point of view of their possible application as thermal nanoprobes.

Silicon nanoparticles; Carbon nanoparticles; Photoluminescence; Chemical modification; Alkyl groups; Low-polar liquids; Temperature dependence