Table 1

Specifications of the nanoparticles fabricated by PLA on Cu-Zn alloy in water with optional aging
Sample Phase content Size (nm) Shape
As formed by PLAL Metallic α 100-500; 5-10 Spherical α particulate; equi-axed nanoparticles
~ Amor 5 to10
>Cu2O 5 to10
>>W-ZnO 5-10
Aged for 1  day in water Metallic α As above As above
~ Cu2O
Aged for 2  days in water CuO 5-10 CuO As above
> Metallic α
>>Cu2O 100-300 α
Aged for 20  days in water CuO 5-10 CuO Equi-axed nanoparticles assembled as rice-like

Metallic α-phase denotes fcc Cu doped with less than 6 wt.% Zn according to EDX analysis; amor denotes an amorphous phase; Cu2O (cuprite) and CuO (tenorite) are (Zn,H)-codoped according to EDX and FTIR analyses; W-ZnO was induced mainly by electron irradiation (cf. text).

Lin et al.

Lin et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2012 7:272   doi:10.1186/1556-276X-7-272

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