Figure 3.

Spin transport along nanowires. Spatially resolved right-handed circularly polarized PL emission (I+) excited by a tightly focused, right-handed circularly polarized laser beam (σ+) in the absence (a) and presence (b) of a SAW. The PL intensity along the nanowire axis for incident right-handed (σ+, solid line) and left-handed (σ, open circles) circularly polarized light integrated from 806 nm to 816 nm (blue lines and circles) and from 813 nm to 823 nm (red lines and circles) in the absence (c) and presence (d) of an acoustic power of 12 dBm. Spectra are arbitrarily shifted.

Möller et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2012 7:247   doi:10.1186/1556-276X-7-247
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