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Interaction of Water-Soluble CdTe Quantum Dots with Bovine Serum Albumin

Vilius Poderys12*, Marija Matulionyte2, Algirdas Selskis3 and Ricardas Rotomskis12

Author affiliations

1 Laboratory of Biomedical Physics, Vilnius University Institute of Oncology, Vilnius, Lithuania

2 Biophotonics Laboratory, Quantum Electronics Department, Physics Faculty, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania

3 Department of Material Structure, Institute of Chemistry, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Citation and License

Nanoscale Res Lett 2011, 6:9  doi:10.1007/s11671-010-9740-9

Published: 22 August 2010


Semiconductor nanoparticles (quantum dots) are promising fluorescent markers, but it is very little known about interaction of quantum dots with biological molecules. In this study, interaction of CdTe quantum dots coated with thioglycolic acid (TGA) with bovine serum albumin was investigated. Steady state spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy and dynamic light scattering methods were used. It was explored how bovine serum albumin affects stability and spectral properties of quantum dots in aqueous media. CdTe–TGA quantum dots in aqueous solution appeared to be not stable and precipitated. Interaction with bovine serum albumin significantly enhanced stability and photoluminescence quantum yield of quantum dots and prevented quantum dots from aggregating.

Quantum dots; Aggregation; Bovine serum albumin; Interaction; Stabilization