Figure 6.

AFM images (a) and the corresponding density of distribution with height (ρ(h)) for AdR/CYP11A1 complexes (b); comparison of ρ(h)AdR/CYP11A1 distribution vs. normalized distribution densities of individual AdR and CYP11A1mon (the summarized area under ρ(h)CYP11A1 and ρ(h)AdR curves is reduced to 100%) (c); differential curve (Δρ) between ρ(h)CYP11A1/AdR for mixture and the sum of normalized distribution densities of individual CYP11A1mon and AdR (d). Tapping mode. Experimental conditions were as follows: the mixture of 5 μM solutions (10 μl each) of appropriate individual proteins (monomeric CYP11A1, containing 1% Emulgen 913, and AdR) in the 50 mM KP, pH 7.4, was incubated for 10 min, diluted 2.5 times in the same buffer, and a 5-μl portion of the mixture was immediately placed onto mica, T = 25°C. Arrows (1) indicate the images of AdR and CYP11A1 monomers. Arrows (2) indicate the AdR/CYP11A1 images.

Ivanov et al. Nanoscale Res Lett 2011 6:54   doi:10.1007/s11671-010-9809-5