Figure 1.

AFM images of non-monomerized (a) and (12% Emulgen 913)-monomerized (b) CYP11A1 molecules and density of distribution (ρ(h)) with height of non-monomerized and monomerized CYP11A1 (c). Tapping mode. Experimental conditions were as follows: 100 μM CYP11A1 non-monomerized and 100 μM CYP11A1 monomerized in 50 mM KP, pH 7.4, containing Emulgen 913 (12%). For AFM visualization, the samples were diluted to obtain 1 μM CYP11A1 in 50 mM KP with 0.5% Emulgen 913, pH 7.4, and immediately placed onto the mica surface. T = 25°C. Arrows (1) indicate the images of CYP11A1 aggregates, arrows (2) indicate the images of CYP11A1 monomers.

Ivanov et al. Nanoscale Res Lett 2011 6:54   doi:10.1007/s11671-010-9809-5