Figure 2.

Color online. One-dimensional model: lattice chain of particles in interaction according to a Morse-type potential (1). End-particles are coupled to Nosé-Hoover thermostats at different temperatures (Thot = 320 K and Tcold = 280 K). Despite of the anharmonicity of the potential, normal heat conduction (Fourier's law) could not be established. In this case, heat flux is computed by Equation (7). However, consistent results are obtained based on Equation (12) which predicts 〈ξhotkbThot = - 〈ξcoldkbTcold = 1.11 × 10-7 W.

Chiavazzo and Asinari Nanoscale Research Letters 2011 6:249   doi:10.1186/1556-276X-6-249
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