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Highly Sensitive Fluorescence Probe Based on Functional SBA-15 for Selective Detection of Hg2+

Xiaoyu Wang, Pan Wang, Zihao Dong, Zhengping Dong, Zongyan Ma, Jian Jiang, Rong Li and Jiantai Ma*

Author Affiliations

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Lanzhou University, 730000, Lanzhou, People’s Republic of China

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2010, 5:1468-1473  doi:10.1007/s11671-010-9663-5

Published: 17 June 2010


An inorganic–organic hybrid fluorescence chemosensor (DA/SBA-15) was prepared by covalent immobilization of a dansylamide derivative into the channels of mesoporous silica material SBA-15 via (3-aminopropyl)triethoxysilane (APTES) groups. The primary hexagonally ordered mesoporous structure of SBA-15 was preserved after the grafting procedure. Fluorescence characterization shows that the obtained inorganic–organic hybrid composite is highly selective and sensitive to Hg2+ detection, suggesting the possibility for real-time qualitative or quantitative detection of Hg2+ and the convenience for potential application in toxicology and environmental science.

SBA-15; Dansylamide; DA/SBA-15; Hg2+ ion; Detection