Figure 4.

(Left): A series of holes drilled by FIB at 30 kV with 1 pA nominal current (circular pattern, SCM); the nominal diameters are 30, 50, 70, 90, 110 and 130 nm, respectively, from 1 to 6 (Ion image: HFW = 4.27 μm). Right: a plot reporting the nominal vs. the measured diameters of the drilled features (open circles with SCM, black diamond without SCM); the error bars are the standard deviations calculated considering both different measures of the same hole and different drilled holes; for the standard FIB milling (blue line) a linear interpolation has the slope of 0.85 ± 0.02 and the intercept of 9 ± 2 nm; for SCM (red line) the slope is 0.87 ± 0.08 and the intercept is 46 ± 8 nm.

Magni and Milani Nanoscale Research Letters 2010 5:1182-1189   doi:10.1007/s11671-010-9623-0