Figure 2.

Transmission spectra for PQW and PDQW heterostructures where the photonic well width is varied. The solid red curves correspond to transmission for the PDQW, whereas the dashed blue curves correspond that of a single PQW with the same outer barrier thickness and well width. In each of these plots, parameters dB = 10LB and dW = 5LW are held constant. The well widths were varied as dA = 10LA, 20LA, and 30LA for the upper, middle, and lower plots, respectively. The incident photon energy was plotted from the upper band edge of photonic crystal A to that of crystal B, the range for which resonant photonic tunneling occurs

Cox and Singh Nanoscale Research Letters 2010 5:484-488   doi:10.1007/s11671-010-9546-9