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W18O49 Nanowires as Ultraviolet Photodetector

Feng Yang, Kai Huang, Shibing Ni, Qi Wang and Deyan He*

Author Affiliations

School of Physics Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, 730000, Lanzhou, China

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2009, 5:416-419  doi:10.1007/s11671-009-9499-z

Published: 27 November 2009


Photodetectors in a configuration of field effect transistor were fabricated based on individual W18O49 nanowires. Evaluation of electrical transport behavior indicates that the W18O49 nanowires are n-type semiconductors. The photodetectors show high sensitivity, stability and reversibility to ultraviolet (UV) light. A high photoconductive gain of 104 was obtained, and the photoconductivity is up to 60 nS upon exposure to 312 nm UV light with an intensity of 1.6 mW/cm2. Absorption of oxygen on the surface of W18O49 nanowires has a significant influence on the dark conductivity, and the ambient gas can remarkably change the conductivity of W18O49 nanowire. The results imply that W18O49 nanowires will be promising candidates for fabricating UV photodetectors.

W18O49 nanowires; Field effect transistor; Ultraviolet photodetector; Photoconductive gain; Near-surface depletion region