Filtering of Defects in Semipolar (11−22) GaN Using 2-Steps Lateral Epitaxial Overgrowth

N Kriouche*, M Leroux, P Vennéguès, M Nemoz, G Nataf and P de Mierry

Author Affiliations

Centre de Recherche sur l’Hétéroépitaxie et ses Applications CRHEA-CNRS, Rue Bernard Grégory, Sophia Antipolis, 06560, Valbonne, France

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2010, 5:1878-1881  doi:10.1007/s11671-010-9724-9

Published: 2 September 2010


Good-quality (11−22) semipolar GaN sample was obtained using epitaxial lateral overgrowth. The growth conditions were chosen to enhance the growth rate along the [0001] inclined direction. Thus, the coalescence boundaries stop the propagation of basal stacking faults. The faults filtering and the improvement of the crystalline quality were attested by transmission electron microscopy and low temperature photoluminescence. The temperature dependence of the luminescence polarization under normal incidence was also studied.

Semipolar GaN; Epitaxial lateral overgrowth; TEM; Photoluminescence; Polarization