Table 1

Maximum diameter (Ø) of Sn droplets (DPs) and SnxNyNWs obtained from heating up Sn under NH3and from the reaction of Sn + NH4Cl respectively, at different temperatures. In all cases a ramp rate of 30 °C/min was used to reachTGunder 250 sccm’s of NH3which was then maintained for a further 60 min at the growth temperature and after which the reactor was allowed to cool down to RT in a reduced flow of 50 sccm’s NH3
TG( °C) Max Ø of Sn DPs (Sn:NH3) Max Ø SnxNyNWs (Sn + NH4Cl:NH3)
300 No DPs No NWs
400 200 nm 200 nm
450 200 nm
500 500 nm No NWs
600 500 nm No NWs
700 2.0 μm
800 5.0 μm

Zervos and Othonos

Zervos and Othonos Nanoscale Research Letters 2009 4:1103-1109   doi:10.1007/s11671-009-9364-0

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