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Localized-Surface-Plasmon Enhanced the 357 nm Forward Emission from ZnMgO Films Capped by Pt Nanoparticles

JB You1, XW Zhang1*, JJ Dong1, XM Song2, ZG Yin1, NF Chen1 and H Yan2

Author Affiliations

1 Key Lab of Semiconductor Materials Science, Institute of Semiconductors, CAS, 100083, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

2 Lab of Thin Film Materials, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, 100022, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2009, 4:1121-1125  doi:10.1007/s11671-009-9366-y

Published: 12 June 2009


The Pt nanoparticles (NPs), which posses the wider tunable localized-surface-plasmon (LSP) energy varying from deep ultraviolet to visible region depending on their morphology, were prepared by annealing Pt thin films with different initial mass-thicknesses. A sixfold enhancement of the 357 nm forward emission of ZnMgO was observed after capping with Pt NPs, which is due to the resonance coupling between the LSP of Pt NPs and the band-gap emission of ZnMgO. The other factors affecting the ultraviolet emission of ZnMgO, such as emission from Pt itself and light multi-scattering at the interface, were also discussed. These results indicate that Pt NPs can be used to enhance the ultraviolet emission through the LSP coupling for various wide band-gap semiconductors.

ZnMgO films; Photoluminescence; Localized surface plasmon; Nanoparticles