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Effect of Variations in Annealing Temperature and Metallic Cations on Nanostructured Molybdate Thin Films

AnaPauladeAzevedo Marques1*, EdsonRoberto Leite1, JoséArana Varela2 and Elson Longo12

Author Affiliations

1 LIEC-CMDMC, DQ, UFSCar, Via Washington Luiz, km 235, CEP 13565-905, Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil

2 LIEC-CMDMC, IQ, UNESP, Rua Francisco Degni s/n, CEP 14800-900, Araraquara, SP, Brazil

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Nanoscale Research Letters 2008, 3:152-157  doi:10.1007/s11671-008-9129-1

Published: 29 April 2008


Crystalline molybdate thin films were prepared by the complex polymerization method. The AMoO4(A = Ca, Sr, Ba) films were deposited onto Si wafers by the spinning technique. The Mo–O bond in the AMoO4structure was confirmed by FTIR spectra. X-ray diffraction revealed the presence of crystalline scheelite-type phase. The mass, size, and basicity of A2+cations was found to be dependent on the intrinsic characteristics of the materials. The grain size increased in the following order: CaMoO4 < SrMoO4 < BaMoO4. The emission band wavelength was detected at around 576 nm. Our findings suggest that the material’s morphology and photoluminescence were both affected by the variations in cations (Ca, Sr, or Ba) and in the thermal treatment.

Molybdates; Thin films; Complex polymerization method