Figure 6.

Schematic for SiO2/MP-QD nanocomposites synthesis (left); TEM micrographs of aγ-Fe2O3 MPs; b SiO2/MP; c interconnected MPs and CdSe QDs (after 8 h of SiO2/MP-QD reaction); de SiO2/MP-QD nanocomposites (after 48 h of SiO2/MP-QD reaction; note the presence of both Fe2O3 MPs and CdSe QDs (finer crystallites denoted by arrows in panel e)); and f SiO2/MP-QD nanocomposites formed at a lower CdSe concentration (0.5 mg/mL of cyclohexane); g High resolution TEM micrograph of the area marked by the arrow in (f), showing the presence of CdSe QDs and γ-Fe2O3 MPs. From [113]

Wu et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2008 3:397-415   doi:10.1007/s11671-008-9174-9