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Binding Energy of Hydrogen-Like Impurities in Quantum Well Wires of InSb/GaAs in a Magnetic Field

B Zh. Poghosyan

  • Correspondence: B Z Poghosyan

Author Affiliations

Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute, 4 P. Sevak street, Gyumri, 3126, Armenia

Nanoscale Research Letters 2007, 2:515-518  doi:10.1007/s11671-007-9084-2

Published: 22 September 2007


The binding energy of a hydrogen-like impurity in a thin size-quantized wire of the InSb/GaAs semiconductors with Kane’s dispersion law in a magnetic fieldBparallel to the wire axis has been calculated as a function of the radius of the wire and magnitude ofB, using a variational approach. It is shown that when wire radius is less than the Bohr radius of the impurity, the nonparabolicity of dispersion law of charge carriers leads to a considerable increase of the binding energy in the magnetic field, as well as to a more rapid growth of binding energy with growth ofB.

Quantum well wire (QWW); Hydrogenlike impurity; Binding energy; Magnetic confinement